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Recruiting a Group HR Director - Lebanon.
Age Limit 50. 

linkedin jobs lebanon 

Professional Skills:
• Appropriate degree, preferably with an HR or Business focus.
• 10 years’ experience and working in a manufacturing business is an asset in a Multinational company
• SAP experience.
• Demonstrated understanding of legislation, regulations, and jurisprudence relevant to HR functions and must be knowledgeable of investigative techniques, i.e. appropriate method of dealing with complaints, accusations, and grievances.
• Manufacturing and Multinational experience is a must.

Main Responsibilities:
• Developing and implementing HR initiatives in line with organizational objectives.
• Leading the organization’s HR departments, including talent acquisition, learning and development, employee engagement, compensation and benefits, talent management HR information systems and financial planning of the department
• Liaising directly with the executive board 
• Creating and managing the HR department’s annual budget.

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linkedin jobs lebanon 

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