Digital graphic designer  needed

Digital graphic designer 

We are looking for a Digital Graphic Designer:

Location: Lebanon Office
Experience: 3+ years agency experience

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Job Description:

In their primary role, digital designers combine their creativity and technical skills to produce digital graphics for computer and electronic games, websites, movie special effects, and more. Some digital designers might create graphics for brochures or fliers; some might create 2- or 3-D graphics; still others might lend their skills to animating graphics for educational or corporate training videos. Regardless of their field or media, digital designers work with artists and illustrators in the conceptualization phase, create templates, produce mock-ups, improve the quality of existing graphics, and run user testing on website and game features.

Digital Designer Duties and Responsibilities

To accomplish their daily tasks, digital designers must meet and satisfy various demands. After taking a close look at various job listings for this profession, we have the found the following to be among those responsibilities most commonly indicated for digital designers:

Conceptualize Art for Print and Digital Designs

Digital designers work with artists and illustrators to produce digital animation for various projects, such as websites, online magazines, advertisement materials, and videos. They are usually responsible for creating templates and mock-ups to review with artists and management before submitting the finished product.

Improve Existing Designs

While in many cases digital designers provide digital images for new orders, they also might be assigned the task of improving existing graphics and images for websites or videos. Digital designers make suggestions, provide updated images and implement approved changes as instructed.

Perform Usability Tests

For digital designers who are involved in game or video production, it is usually their responsibility to conduct usability tests on animated projects. At this stage, digital designers can spot any flaws or issues in their designs and make corrections and improvements to enhance user experience.

Digital Designer Skills
To find success in this field, digital designers should display stronger than average creative, organizational, and time management skills. They should be detail-oriented self-starters who can easily multitask and who understand project management stages. Excellent presentation, communication, and computer skills are essential. It is also important for digital designers to be team players able handle criticism and implement suggestions to improve animated designs. In addition to these abilities, it is crucial that digital designers possess the following skills:

Generate high-quality graphics and computer animations
Design and create prototypes and mock-ups
Make necessary improvements to existing graphics
Test designs for usability and quality

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