training centre coordinator

training Centre coordinator




Please send your CV and cover letter to with the following subject line: "Madineh Riyadieh Lab Coordinator Opportunity".  Any applications that do not have these exact words in the subject line will be DISQUALIFIED.



In 2017, UNICEF, in partnership with The Nawaya Network, Injaz, and DOT, launched nationwide the Generation of Innovative Leaders (GIL – جيل), a program designed to address the high unemployment rates among youth in Lebanon and their lack of access to the knowledge economy.

GIL is a program that leverages the resources available in the digital and knowledge economies to provide learning and work opportunities for youth in the country. GIL is the umbrella program to many workshops, events, initiatives, and training tracks.

GIL is a 3-phase program that guides youth in their journey to learn 21st century digital and business skills.

Phase 1: the first phase includes hands-on workshops, talks by industry leaders, and tutorials to help youth explore innovative new digital concepts. GIL innovation labs are created in partnership with local stakeholders and operate nationwide, they reaching those residing in the most secluded and marginalized areas. At the lab, youth are provided with trainings, workshops and events where they discover new opportunities, network with like-minded people and develop their digital and entrepreneurial skills.

Phase 2: once the participants have discovered their interests, they can enroll in as many courses as they wish. In the courses provided by GIL content partners, they develop and learn a set of skills in just four months. Courses offered include: entrepreneurship training, digital and media literacy, microwork, and social media marketing

Phase 3: in the final phase of the GIL growth plan, youth can benefit from incubation services and funding to establish their own business and/or join B.O.T.’s talent pool to be later linked to digital freelancing opportunities.

Youth who successfully pilot and test their projects are expected to be able to proceed with their initiatives on their own. However, GIL will continue to provide guidance and support to all teams. In some cases, selected teams will be connected to other mentorships and new opportunities.

In partnership with local stakeholders, GIL has also established a network of youth spaces called Innovation Labs. These facilities are hubs for Lebanese and non-Lebanese youth to discover latent skills, potential new opportunities, and network with like-minded individuals to develop their digital and entrepreneurial skills. Various workshops, trainings and events are offered at the lab facilities. The labs function as co-working and FabLab spaces as well.

The Innovation Lab Network comprises compromises of 13 labs in different regions all over Lebanon, aiming at creating an enabling environment for youth to have access to better learning opportunities, livelihood and be more civically engaged. The labs act as a “community” rather than only a physical centre that gathers beneficiaries.

The GIL program is currently seeking a "Lab Coordinator" at the Madineh Riyadieh center who will perform the following tasks and resposibilities:

- Develops relationships with relevant stakeholders in the region (Private Sector, Educational Institutions, NGOs, Government Entities)

- Manages day to day business, answering incoming calls and online queries from all involved stakeholders, especially content partners, ordering supplies and maintaining inventory (paper, coffee, toner, etc)

- Supports in the implementation process: Registration - Outreach - Maintenance of records in youth database

- Develops a center schedule and process for booking venue/room where priority is given to content partners; proposed opening and closing hours are 11am to 7pm.

- Fully responsible for Training Center: cleaning, maintenance, security, setting Code of Conduct for center, opening and closing the lab

- Content Generation: Takes pictures of the youth activities - sends 2-3 Human Interest Stories/week

- Acts as a programme focal point, attends weekly meetings

- Organizes monthly events

- Develops new services and products to create revenue for the Innovation Labs Network

- Develops a financial model to sustain the I.L.N with a 4 year phased out plan

- Develops Outreach Plan (with list of NGOs, Universities, Municipalities, Schools, etc.)

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